Uncreative Design

My machine: stupidly stupendous

For my machine, I wanted to explore the juxtaposition of surreal, (and I mean that truthfully) social network-based media with facebook statuses. It is safe to say that most facebook users take a second look or review their written posts. Due to the fluidity of the process of sending out a quick snippet of text to the whole network, and an increased necessity to verbalize daily actions or observations, the reflexive review of one’s status is negligible. This machine that takes the form of a phone app, connects with a user’s facebook profile and creates juxtapositions of status and image in a quick process.

The process requires the use of a website called Reddit. More specifically, it uses the subreddit, a more precise genre agglutinative site, Cringepics. Cringepics is a collection of the cringiest photos found on the interwebs, some so horrid, it breaks the barrier of fantasy and reality. The algorithm takes keywords of a user’s facebook status and searches those keywords in Cringepics. It then finds the first useable photo and juxtaposes that image with the status.

Interestingly enough, some amazing results were generated. Not only was this app made to provide entertainment for the user, but it would also, hopefully, force the user to understand that his words and diction could easily fall into the realm of Internet cringe—in a way, an evil subconscious trickery. I’ll show a diagram in class that effectively shows the algorithm’s process.