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Pastebin Caption Machine.

Pastebin is a site where users can paste their often unfinished / incomplete codes for others to check. The posts can be made public or private. Often, the public posts can contain political message, personal information, and other miscellaneous information regarding the state of the world. These posts are often not titled and remain as “Untitled” as they flow through the “Public pastes” listing. Most of the titled post often has nothing to do with the content, they exists as a space to share political opinions, or often a short statement in relation to current events.

As users cannot post an image to accompany a post, this machine’s purpose is to unscramble the post and find the image appropriate to the title. Often, the public codes often need to be adjusted or corrected, to work the bugs out of, I’ve picked the “wordunscrambler” as the engine to unravel the true title of the post while going throught another public engine of google/images and apply the “appropriate” image to the title.


1. Enter Pastebin.com > Public pastes.

2. Search for title with all text, no numerals and no “Untitled.

3. Take the title and paste it to http://www.wordunscrambler.com/ with 20 letters set as max length.

4. Take the top most result and paste it to google/images.

5. Take the first result from google/images.

Tag the photo with the word result from wordunscrambler.


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