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THE MACHINE / Dana Elkis – Assigment 1

“It is the truth that hide the fact that there is no truth” Jan Budriar, simulacra and simulation

In our World, were where we only experience our lives live. the news seems so be a perfect machine that produces for us truths so we can be updated. Subjective Truths that were processed by many hands, minds or sponsors. Over the past 3 weeks we’ve experienced a very intense media coverage over news that were broadcasted to almost every country in the world.Within In all this News Coverages, I felt that i am missing something, I felt as if i was in a trial version for a new software. always getting half acsess to the full story.

And i started to feel this simulation and simulacra’s that Jan Budriar is talking about. and i started to doubt the things that i saw and heard and felt very frustrated not being able to express that.

My machine is a product of these feelings I had. I  wanted to be able to speak with people  about my doubts. I wanted to be able to talk about some missing facts and Errors that i feel that if this was a computer we probably would have to update our software or to get a new computer or to get new part and so ..

And So i decided to take the headlines pictures from selective major news sites and to take errors from our daily operation systems, such as : iPhone, mac, windows and such  – connecting them together and maybe find some truth in there and if not just to be able to express this feeling i had.

As a result of this new images i finally decided to open a website , where people can send Minor virus (pop up window) messeges  to their friends or families in order to “wake” them up, Creat some doubts or just get them to see whats going on out there. The website contains also a platform in where people can discuss the things that they got : messeges they have received, share thier thoughts and maybe make some “noise” about whats going on – brainstom for ideas and try to find some solutions.

Dana Elkis

link to the website :