Uncreative Design

assignment 1: repromix


the medium is the message. this assignment got me thinking simply about the practice of copying, duplicating, and “reproducing” and I wanted to play with representing/ mixing old school mechanical means with new school means. I also thought it interesting to create a “cut-up” style of discourse between these graphic methods and multiple meanings of the term reproduce, since there are rights issues across meanings. I wanted to see if agitation or element of provocation would manifest itself.

machine rules:

1. quickly scan-at 800DPI- and crop hands from 1 magazine that represents a different time in reproducing existing content. The magazine is Graphis from 1996.
2. enlarge to 800% to reveal the printing rosette pattern
3. place into 8×8″ square
4. align to left and bottom edge if scan turns out smaller than the box

1. run google news search for “reproduction”
2. screen grab the result, sans images
3. place over images, vertically centered and left aligned to box, in same order of the scan captures.
4. let right side fall out of view

publish results online, uploading in same sequence as assembly.