Uncreative Design

Reading Response Questions for Week 3

1. Goldsmith notes that an enormous part one’s identity is adopted from advertising. Is our design culture also adopted from advertising? If so, to what extent has it had an impact on the way we design?

2. When is designing for thinkership more important than viewership (and vice versa)? Is there such thing as a combination of the two?

3. What do you think of LeWitt’s decision to renege on his stance to allow anyone to freely copy his “recipes” due to the fact that many were poorly produced? Should the focus of LeWitt’s work be on the process or the end product? Should the craftsmanship of work following LeWitt’s instructions matter?

“It’s better, LeWitt suggests, if the artist makes deliberately uninteresting choices so that a viewer won’t lose sight of the concepts behind the work” (130).