Uncreative Design

Response Week 2

  1. “Those who have something to say have a place to say it and an audience to hear it. The importance of this work cannot be underestimated (83)” But if everybody has something to say and then will anybody actually listen? Isn’t this the main problem with internet forums where only the funniest and most ridiculous comments gets upvoted to the top?
  2. “David Bower… constantly reinvents himself for the market. He mirrors our culture of planned obsolescence. For consumer culture, it has been suggested, the constantly changing, chameleon persona represents empowerment” Writing needs to move in this direction. (96)” Then where’s the personal voice? Aren’t people just constantly regurgitating? Are we only waiting for other people’s opinions?
  3. Is expressing an opinion or writing that isn’t “yours” a form of trolling for reactions?