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Assignment 2 – Derive


My derive in the internet during the past week has made me to become an internet photographer.

The derive was a combination of my personal internet routine, random moments and pictures i had to take every 10 minutes of my screen (with an alarm clock i set)

I tried every day to choose the best pictures of the places i’ve been. as if the internet was a real place.


This is a way for me to show where i was , as if i was in a family trip and wanted to documents the best moments.

I thought about all the pictures i send to my parents and i thought that i might as well send them these pictures as well.

I chose to put them on post cards  and actually send them to people when the most interesting things will be how they will react to the picture

i chose to be the best and most beautiful composition of my day.


Dana Elkis


photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 1