Uncreative Design


1.¬†http://gettinginsidejackkerouacshead.blogspot.com/¬†There’s a difference between mindful retyping and mindless plagiarism. What can we learn from each?

2. Goldsmith talks about texts that are not meant to be read, but thought about. What does this mean in the context of interpretation: an act that changes the text? While reading allows us to experience the text as it is, a text that is to be thought about forces us to interpret “what it really means.” Is this kind of thinking healthy in a world where no art is validated without theorists interpreting it? We rarely appreciate form as it is, it’s all about uncovering the content, as if knowing that will make the art “real”.

“This ain’t art, my two-year old could make this.”

3. The idea of “documentation as art” unfolds the story of a person’s life. With the blogosphere and social media entering the art world, how much skill will an artist need to create? Does it truly require a critical understanding of the idea in order to create “documentation art”? Can anyone do it?

4. The process of parsing and selection is used by everyone to write. Through the internet, we cite, copy, paraphrase and edit pre-existing content. This affects the way we consume media: jumping from one thing to the other. How could this evolve in the future?