Uncreative Design

Questions for Reading Week 4

1.) Goldsmith believes that Uncreative writing holds the same gravitas as reality TV, but can words really trump the ridiculous visual and auditory quality of reality TV? Can it stand tantamount in quality and measure?

2.) Should something uncreative hold the same weight as an original piece? For instance, if someone had an amazing story (just for the sake of the argument, it was completely original), should we even view the two side-by-side/comparatively? Is that fair?

3.) If everyone jumps on the bandwagon of uncreative writing as Goldsmith wishes, will a saturation of banal writing in the market create disinterest in the medium? Although such an event happens in our movie industry, I think the visual quality of a movie are far different than letters on a page—even with varied use of paper and typefaces.