Uncreative Design

reading response: week 4

1. while it may be true, as stated by Deborah Lipstadt, that life stories are often more profound by delivery of unembellished facts, reality tv is in fact very constructed and manipulated so is our “reality” culture really unembellished? Also, Isn’t there already evidence of a desire for more fictional writing to come back into popular culture, ie better developed series and sitcoms?

2. is our “grazing” of the internet and its vast amount of content permanently molding us to “parse” all aspects of our communication and comprehension? If so, what does this mean for our interpersonal connections and memory?

3. is archiving and “data trailing” compelling to anyone but the author, beyond the lens of the focus of “Uncreative Writing” and free of explanation? Does it not depend on a certain delivery to reach people?