Uncreative Design

Week 4 – Reading Responses

1/ who is actually interested in this : “obsessive documentation of our lives” ? is it a way for us just so make sure we will be remembered ? and as what we will be remembered other than out internet habits. is it the information that a modern autobiography will contain in the future ?

2 /  Making copy explicit as an act of copy. – i like the act of copy in order to learn something new. but when in this process of copying does the artist become an interesting creator ? why is it interesting to read a copy version by someone else. i find it not exciting at all.

3/  “now everybody is a graphic designer.” ? still asking the same question i had in my heart last week, are you we even relevant ? most of this art things are coming from a computer that generate everything. is there any importance to the visual outcome ? does the graphic designer needs to be part of this anymore?