Uncreative Design

Assignment 4: The Safe Spaces

When I worked for a web agency for few years, I designed websites for the national public safety organizations in Korea, such as UN ISDR for the north-east asia, Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, and Korean National Emergency Management. These website were always following under a solid visual language; a main image that consists of people and the nature on the center, with subtle green or blue -ish color. My main job was creating a space by combining layers of people, grass, tree, and sky from my office’s image bank, to deliver a certain abstract atmosphere of ‘Safety’, a kind of utopian space from all kind of disaster; fires, floods, car accidents, electric shocks, or the North Korea.

To explore this strangeness and the abstractness about the safety further, I collected the first page of each website, and erased the contents; the text and the main agent on the picture.The result shows an empty space as a stage, that is also a crude combination of elements and looks fragile.