Uncreative Design

Reading Response Questions for Week 5

1. Is it possible to have a multidimensional text, attributed to an author, that has no single “message of the Author-God” associated with it? Does anything change if the attributed author is using a false identity or a pseudonym?

2. Michael Rock suggests that, “With the rise of scientific method, … scientific texts and mathematical proofs were no longer authored texts but were seen as discovered truths. The scientist revealed an extant phenomena, a fact anyone faced with the same conditions would discover. Therefore the scientist and the mathematician could claim to have been first to discover a paradigm, and lend their name to the phenomena, but never claim authorship over it.” Can the same be said about graphic design? Can designers be successful by merely sharing paradigms and not claiming authorship of them?

3. According to Michael Rock, “Ideas develop over many projects, spanning years. Form itself is indexical. We are intimately, physically connected to the work we produce, and it is inevitable that our work bears our stamp.” What do you think Roland Barthes’ response would be to this statement?