Uncreative Design

Assignment 5: Chance poster process book

When I make something, it is always difficult for me to take people’s comment appropriately: which comment I should take, how much I should follow, and so on. A british artist Peter Schmidt and Brian Ino made ‘Oblique Strategies’ which is a set of cards, unexpected ‘strategy’ is written in the each card, such as ‘Use an old idea.’, ‘State the problem in words as clearly as possible.’, and ‘Only one element of each kind.’

So for this assignment, I want to explore the different way to create a work — open to any comments. I made a kind of feedback library by gathering comments I recorded(noted) in the class critiques since I came to RISD, and produced a poster titled ‘Chance’ following randomly selected from them. Interestingly, this process created a pretty nice result.