Uncreative Design


  • A designed version of the article // The form of the article is accumulative, complementing the concept. It starts out explaining a simple idea; then the word junkspace keeps on repeating and the ideas get broader and more complex as we read further. Is that noticeable in the undesigned version on udf13.cvalla.com? Also, with all this repetition, do you think that by the end the article itself becomes junkspace?
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJNCeSFMvNI /// “The spatial form of the city reveals a patchwork of varying left over pieces alongside a set of artfully designed compositions” Can everything that is part of a structure be carefully designed? Especially at a large scale such as a city? If not, then junkspace is inevitable… the question is are we really utopian enough to transform these spaces for the future or will we continue to construct junkspaces?

Living in junkspace?

  • If junkspace is sucking us into a surreal environment where we are distracted from time, weather and “life outside the bubble,” is it really that bad (airport example)? After all, airports are a temporary experience… what are we, as designers, asking from architects?