Uncreative Design

Response Questions for Week 11

1. Koolhaas seems to vaguely define one form of Junkspace as any modern architectural construct that lacks a purposeful (meaningful?) function or program. He seems to categorize spaces dedicated to consumerism as being Junkspace, so does that mean consumerism is not a purposeful program? What defines purpose and meaning for a space? How can we measure the value of a program for a specific space?

2. What role does graphic design play in shaping a space? Can it ever transcend Junkspace, or will it always remain simply a piece of the larger spatial patchwork?

3. “What if space started looking at mankind? Will Junkspace invade the body?” (189). Will our bodies inevitably be filled with Junkspace (cosmetic surgery, bionics, genetic modification, etc.)? How might this affect the way we view the spaces around us?