Uncreative Design

Reading Responses Week 11

1 ‘(Not to architects: You thought that you could ignore Junkspace, visit it surreptitiously, treat it with condescending contempt or enjoy it vicariously…because you could not understand it, you’ve thrown away the keys…But now your own architecture is infected, has become equally smooth, all-inclusive, continuous, warped, bus, atrium-ridden…)
 Is Junkspace inevitable? Can we truly disengage from today’s way of appropriating and remixing that follows this notion of constant change?
2 Is Junkspace a postive or negative phenomenon? Does it matter to qualify it?
3 “Change has been divorced from the idea of improvement. There is no progress; like a crab on LSD, culture staggers endlessly sideways…”
Is it important to have a directional progression? Is improvement really not something we strive for?