Uncreative Design

Final Assignment

For your final assignment, you will pick one of your responses to the previous prompts and develop it into a completed assignment. What context do you imagine your prompt could be used in? What is its final form? Who is its audience. HOw do you turn your uncreative prompt into a larger piece of design that stands on its own?

Though the initial impetus for the assignment you will pick was a single prompt, you may now move beyond that original prompt. However, your project should still be as ‘uncreative’ as possible – you should generate as little ‘new’ form as possible, but explore the mechanisms and processes we have covered in class to assemble, gather, parse and organize your content in your chosen format.

Due Next Week

Next week you will come to class with a printed design brief and a visual presentation (powerpoint/keynote/pdf) that is no longer than 5 minutes.

The Design Brief outlines the ‘who-what-when-where-how’ of your project:
– what the project inquiry will serve to inform
– why the project is useful, it’s value
– who this will serve
– where the product will function, it’s context
– how you envision the outcome, it’s form, style, materials and process

The Design Brief also includes the following
– title, subtitle, one line description
– your name
– general introduction
– goals and objectives
– audience
– schedule and time frame

Your Design Brief should be short for this assignment – keep it to a single page.

Your visual presentation should contain the materials you generated during your initial response to the prompt. It should also contain some sketches or ideas of how you will develop the work into a project, taking into account the feedback you received in class.