Uncreative Design

Amanda Pickens

Assigments / Assignment 4: Erasing Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit magazine is the only publication I currently subscribe to and was the only non-school related material I read/looked at over the past week. As I flipped through the pages searching for imagery that might lead me to ideas for this assignment (I struggled for awhile, so I decided to pick up whatever was close to me in my apartment) I began to notice how many pages seemingly or completely lack information associated with cooking, eating and entertaining. In an attempt to reduce the magazine to its literal “meat and potatoes,” I erased everything (images and text) unrelated to food.

Reading Responses / Questions: Week 4

1) In an age of tumblr pages and twitter feeds, is uncreative writing best understood through reading a traditionally written book?

2) What type of web-based work is taking place in countries with censored media? Are there richer opportunities for subverting authority in such places?

2)  Will a book like Uncreative Design become more or less relevant for future generations of designers.


Assigments / Assignment 3: Parse

I have a tendency to made final color decisions based on name. I let the hues pull me into a color zone and then let the names guide me, whether I’m painting my room or treating myself to a pedicure. After recently choosing ‘dolphin fin’ for my new apartment, I stumbled upon a Behr Paint app which allows users to match color based on images taken with one’s phone.

For this assignment I blew up an old image from my phone to parse back down to home paint colors and then names using the app.

Assigments / Web Derive: NYTimes & Providence Journal Ads

After being bombarded by a huge rollout ad on the NY Times earlier last week, I wanted to look more closely at the placement of ads throughout the online newspaper. I usually pay attention to the large header advertisements because it’s almost impossible not to; however, there’s little nooks all over the homepage where more ads seem to hide—whether it’s due to strategy or cost or a combination of the two, I’m unsure.

While collecting these ads, I then decided to see what the Providence Journal promotes in comparison. I wanted to see where each newspaper could take me in the virtual world of shopping, what types of products were promoted and how much everything cost.

Reading Responses / Questions Week 3 Ch. 4–7

1. Should contemporary uncreative works strive for a balance between “viewership” and “thinkership?”

2. If Warhol was still alive how do you think he would incorporate social media platforms and the internet into his work?

3. Can the internet be compared to Andy Warhol’s cardboard boxes? —where “he threw both the detritus and the gems that drifted through the Factory.” Can uncreative works be a way of documenting, cataloguing and photographing what is inside? Is there more detritus than gems?

Uncategorized / 3 Questions from ch. 1-3

  1. “When it comes to text, we haven’t seen anything nearly like the bootlegging phenomenon…” p. 82. Bootleggers hawking carts of books is a fairly common sight around China—NY Times bestsellers available for $1. Where is the line drawn between copying for art’s sake and cheap knock-offs being mass-produced for purchase?
  2. Is there a disadvantage to the computer’s file storage system? Although there are limitless opportunities for making new creative/uncreative works, do many possibilities lie dormant and lost within the depths of our screens? I often forget about old files I’ve kept or even pictures I’ve taken to the sheer amount that exist on my computer.
  3. “Think of it as an ever-evolving game of telephone.” p.77. If an “artifact” can forever be changed, does the game ever end? Is some media remixed/morphed/referenced so much that it should ultimately be retired from the game?


Assignment 1, Uncategorized / Recipe Remix: Surprise Me

When trying out new recipes, I rarely opt for one without a perfect picture. Given that recipes inherently rely on a set list of instructions, I decided to see what would happen when those directions were placed within the code of a recipe’s image when opened in TextEdit. Would the end result ever be recognizable? Would the resulting images would be just as enticing to a home cook as their originals?

(Images sourced from marthastewart.com/cook by clicking on the “or Surprise Me” recipe button.)


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