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1 – “Because it cannot be grasped, Junk space cannot be remembered ” , in a way it remind me a lot of graphic design. is just another layer in the junk space. making sure that is branded and unforgettable, in a way trying to save it from becoming junk space – justify it ? ( we forget so many brands and so many beautiful graphic design work)

2-“Junkspace knows all your emotions, all your desires ” – maybe it is something that we feel good about. life is complicated, why not let someone – the junks pace – to provide you everything you need ? no need to things, decision are made for you, arrangements are made for you , is life easier that way ?

3 – “Change has been divorced from the idea of improvement. There is no progress; , is it true also about graphic design ? and how the entire idea of remix culture can connect with this ? maybe we don’t need progress  – we don’t need to be that innovated – we need this divorce. to start going deep into what we have right now. figuring out this junk space that has been created.

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– Is there anything in the world accruing to the author that actually need to be protected by the law ?


– why the word “the” is in blue the entire article ? i couldn’t understand the purpose of it but slowly i didn’t noticed it . is it an example of what happened with copyrights throughout the years?


– i feel like copyrights has something to do with being conservative, all this laws seems like they are trying to protect from the unknown of what ? bigger creativity ? stronger culture fusion?

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Collections :

> 1 “A collection is usually an attempt to somehow take hold of the world around us, to control at least a few of its parts “, When a Collection becomes powerful ? is there such a thing powerful collection?


> 2 What values an object that has been added to a collection loose ? or he gain from the other objects around ?


> 3 What are the criteria’s for a collection ? is there such thing ?

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1. How can Graphic Design Effect the user thought about a program ? if the default will be good and designed will we still change it ? why default can be more designed? when it will be more designed , it will stop be default ?

2. Default feel sometimes like ugly, boring and  with a lack of designer touch. why cant we be a part of something “ugly” ? Default was designed by someone. why do we have so much urge every time to personalize our programs / apps / profiles and so ..


Reading Responses / Reading Responses – Week 6

Questions :

– Chance sometimes caught us off guard, moment that we wish to capture in our memory. a one time experience.  when we start to repeat it – does is still remain chance or its a copy of something that happens, its not the real thing, would we be able to get excited every time like the first time ?

– Our unconscious  has a big rule in chance. can we have these moments when we are in a complete attention to something ?

– Curation – do you think there is a good example for curation that happens by chance ? is it possible to preform a good curation using chance ?


Reading Responses / Reading Responses – Week 5

1. Why don’t we have 2 different kind of Designers and rules : Graphic designers – Service providers and graphic authors ? its obvious that each one of them is different in his work, if so  – will people still want to go and study graphic design ? or graphic authors ?

2. Why are we designing if the content is more important than the form , we might all become good writers about life and about art and not create at all.  if the process is more important than why people still want to see art or design ?

3. Our tools are so simple – why we have to be so complicated when we start to think , isn’t graphic author is simply – OVER THINKING ?




Reading Responses / Week 4 – Reading Responses

1/ who is actually interested in this : “obsessive documentation of our lives” ? is it a way for us just so make sure we will be remembered ? and as what we will be remembered other than out internet habits. is it the information that a modern autobiography will contain in the future ?

2 /  Making copy explicit as an act of copy. – i like the act of copy in order to learn something new. but when in this process of copying does the artist become an interesting creator ? why is it interesting to read a copy version by someone else. i find it not exciting at all.

3/  “now everybody is a graphic designer.” ? still asking the same question i had in my heart last week, are you we even relevant ? most of this art things are coming from a computer that generate everything. is there any importance to the visual outcome ? does the graphic designer needs to be part of this anymore?

Assigments / Assignment 2 – Derive


My derive in the internet during the past week has made me to become an internet photographer.

The derive was a combination of my personal internet routine, random moments and pictures i had to take every 10 minutes of my screen (with an alarm clock i set)

I tried every day to choose the best pictures of the places i’ve been. as if the internet was a real place.


This is a way for me to show where i was , as if i was in a family trip and wanted to documents the best moments.

I thought about all the pictures i send to my parents and i thought that i might as well send them these pictures as well.

I chose to put them on post cards  and actually send them to people when the most interesting things will be how they will react to the picture

i chose to be the best and most beautiful composition of my day.


Dana Elkis


photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 1

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1 : How come the draftsman as a partner of the artists don’t get the credit of the artwork. why isn’t his name is written together with the artist name. although the idea and the instruction were the artist. he has still a lot in it. weather the artist would like it or not. how come thats ok ?

2 : “Art shouldn’t be based on skills” , on what should it be based ? is there any room for design schools / art school / learning literature ?

3 : What if there is no space in the world for uncreative writing ? if we are trying so hard to understand why we cant make it sexier or cooler , maybe it is because we are trying too hard to find answers? maybe there are no answers ? maybe it just no the right medium for that kind of uncreative creation ?

Assigments, Assignment 1 / THE MACHINE / Dana Elkis – Assigment 1

“It is the truth that hide the fact that there is no truth” Jan Budriar, simulacra and simulation

In our World, were where we only experience our lives live. the news seems so be a perfect machine that produces for us truths so we can be updated. Subjective Truths that were processed by many hands, minds or sponsors. Over the past 3 weeks we’ve experienced a very intense media coverage over news that were broadcasted to almost every country in the world.Within In all this News Coverages, I felt that i am missing something, I felt as if i was in a trial version for a new software. always getting half acsess to the full story.

And i started to feel this simulation and simulacra’s that Jan Budriar is talking about. and i started to doubt the things that i saw and heard and felt very frustrated not being able to express that.

My machine is a product of these feelings I had. I  wanted to be able to speak with people  about my doubts. I wanted to be able to talk about some missing facts and Errors that i feel that if this was a computer we probably would have to update our software or to get a new computer or to get new part and so ..

And So i decided to take the headlines pictures from selective major news sites and to take errors from our daily operation systems, such as : iPhone, mac, windows and such  – connecting them together and maybe find some truth in there and if not just to be able to express this feeling i had.

As a result of this new images i finally decided to open a website , where people can send Minor virus (pop up window) messeges  to their friends or families in order to “wake” them up, Creat some doubts or just get them to see whats going on out there. The website contains also a platform in where people can discuss the things that they got : messeges they have received, share thier thoughts and maybe make some “noise” about whats going on – brainstom for ideas and try to find some solutions.

Dana Elkis

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