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Dana Elkis

Reading Responses, Response Week 2 / Dana Elkis : Chapter 1-3 : Reading Responses

# There is a little conflict that ran in my head during my reading : A hugh Desire to have free information while having our intuition of privacy. How can we protected ourselves when there is no ssn in the internet ?

# Aren’t there any risk in this Free Culture ? Do you Think that in a certain point there will be boundaries for this remix culture ? should we have some ?

# what is a “fair use” in remix ? who can judge such thing ?

# we are living in a world who manufacture simulations for us. were hardly experiencing anything live. remix is just another layer for this simulations.Taking us one step further from the original. is there any truth in this culture ? maybe its all just representative of the truth that some of us maybe in the future wont even experience live ever.

# Does remix culture actually respect the original work as created ?

# When will we know to stop in a processes like Derive ? in this kind of process it seems like were building our identity from others. what about our roots ? usually when we copy or imitate another its because we don’t have much confidence in ourself. maybe in our ever changing world we are loosing our confident and seeking it in others? because all this possibilities stability has become very hard to achieve. remix might be the cure for our own lack of confident and identity blurriness ?





day 1 / Exit Through the Gift Shop

I think this movie is relevant for this course : Exit Through the Gift Shop