Uncreative Design

Prin Limphongpand

Reading Responses / Reading Questions Week 4

  1. Is Uncreative Design based solely on pop-culture, can it work well without current references? What if the object/subject that is being recited is too obscure?
  2. Are we promoting “bad taste” by acknowledging a piece such as Nada Gordon’s “Unicorn Believers Don’t Declare Fatwas”? Would that elevate actual good literature in comparison?
  3. “Linguistic reduction” has certainly made us more efficient with the 140 characters limit. Are there any side effects when our description is condensed down from being as descriptive as possible?

Assigments / Week 3 Assignment—Parse

In light of current events, I used definitions from urbandictionary and parsed it to recently released political statement. I created a font (from a free font called Silkscreen) that would replace every uppercase letter, such as H with the corresponding top most result of urbandictionary.com (“Hipster”).


The font can be downloaded https://www.dropbox.com/s/qz4c9q98le3gaua/Urban_Silkscreen.otf –can be found under “Urban Silkscreen” when installed.


Assigments / Personal Surfing Trend

It seems most of the sites I visit in the past 20 hours (2/3) seems to be related to my assignments, while the other 1/3 are random surfing and musings. I made a collection of screenshots of things I focused on when I land on a website or page. The layout is arranged by time, and correspond to the numbered items on the sidebar. Most of the navigation that occur stems from the idea outside the web first, then that idea act as a catalyst for the web navigation. I took a screenshots of parts of the page I focused at the most to see if there is a trend. The map does reveal certain habits, such as stretches of random surfing as opposed to intermittent ones. Sadly, I didn’t discover any new sections of the web.

Response Week 2 / Response Week 2

  1. “Those who have something to say have a place to say it and an audience to hear it. The importance of this work cannot be underestimated (83)” But if everybody has something to say and then will anybody actually listen? Isn’t this the main problem with internet forums where only the funniest and most ridiculous comments gets upvoted to the top?
  2. “David Bower… constantly reinvents himself for the market. He mirrors our culture of planned obsolescence. For consumer culture, it has been suggested, the constantly changing, chameleon persona represents empowerment” Writing needs to move in this direction. (96)” Then where’s the personal voice? Aren’t people just constantly regurgitating? Are we only waiting for other people’s opinions?
  3. Is expressing an opinion or writing that isn’t “yours” a form of trolling for reactions?

Reading Responses / Response Week 1

  1. (28) “…writers are potentially poised to assume the tasks once thought to belong only to programmers, database minders, and librarians, thus blurring the distinction between archivists, writers, producers, and consumers” — but any of these method is a device in which modern writers rethink and expand their methods, but why can’t we conclude that all the encompassing activities equals a writer? When a writer “remixes,” can the writer be considered as an “author” anymore?
  2. In terms of “remixes” or “homages,” when done well, is recognized and credited. However, when they are done wrong, they tend to get sued. What is the end-all fine print for remix? Does one have to be a Tarantino in order for a “remix” to be acceptable?
  3. Does a remix have the same effect if it’s not humorous? Some of the more recent examples of internet memes / reappropriations contains some sort of humor. What is another effective effect of remix other than humor?

Assigments, Assignment 1 / Pastebin Caption Machine.

Pastebin is a site where users can paste their often unfinished / incomplete codes for others to check. The posts can be made public or private. Often, the public posts can contain political message, personal information, and other miscellaneous information regarding the state of the world. These posts are often not titled and remain as “Untitled” as they flow through the “Public pastes” listing. Most of the titled post often has nothing to do with the content, they exists as a space to share political opinions, or often a short statement in relation to current events.

As users cannot post an image to accompany a post, this machine’s purpose is to unscramble the post and find the image appropriate to the title. Often, the public codes often need to be adjusted or corrected, to work the bugs out of, I’ve picked the “wordunscrambler” as the engine to unravel the true title of the post while going throught another public engine of google/images and apply the “appropriate” image to the title.


1. Enter Pastebin.com > Public pastes.

2. Search for title with all text, no numerals and no “Untitled.

3. Take the title and paste it to http://www.wordunscrambler.com/ with 20 letters set as max length.

4. Take the top most result and paste it to google/images.

5. Take the first result from google/images.

Tag the photo with the word result from wordunscrambler.


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Sample generated


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