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christina webb

Assigments / default project –> screen

this week, in response to the default assignment, I really noticed the defaults that took over my screen: start-up screen, crash screen, and screen savers. I don’t typically notice these, but was forced to when my machine kept crashing. I started capturing the screens with my phone camera, and paying attention to the moires, color and traces of motion. I wanted to force the default item into another composition in order to experience it in a different way to experiment with encapsulating these details while trying to retain a sense of “default”. I sliced and recomposed the shots in sections, within the constraints of the screen dims.

default screen_cw

Uncategorized / week 7 ?s in response to How to Do Words with Things

in How to Do Words with Things, what is meant by “meaning does not pre-exist technology”? Do we agree?

Latour suggests that there are socio-political implications and power wielded by the Berlin key that Berliners are less aware of because it comes in the form of steel, not words. How does this relate to current use of information technology?

If we consider the role of the Concierge in Berlin, who is the Concierge of today’s technology?

Do you agree that it is impossible to “do technology” without being a sociologist and vice versa?

Reading Responses / week 6 ?s

week 6 questions:

1. does the viewer/ audience of a chance-made work need to know about the process in order to value the result, and does the value of chance primarily exist for the experience of the maker?

2. There may always be an inherent amount of chance in anything we do, how much relinquished control makes a project more relevant as a concept of risk?

3. what is the value of chance based work in contemporary culture?

Uncategorized / Assignment 4/ Dream Journey

Dream Journey

The “Princess” ideology is a major presence among girl culture of America. Disney is the biggest instigator of this, and there are many characteristics about the visual presentation of Disney princess characters that promote an idea of what a “girl wants to be”, from physique to voice to attitude to situations. One of the physical characteristics that communicates the princess behavior ideology is the hand gestures. USing the “Dream Journey” DVD desktop wallpaper, I chose to erase everything but the arms and the title. What does this say when these text and gestural messages are isolated?

Webb-Dream Journey

Reading Responses / week 5 questions:

1. in regard to Death of an Author, does graphic design already perform exclusively for the viewer, creating a secular “authorship”


2. what about issues of authorship being attributed to an institution or project lead only regardless or who originates an idea?


3. Does decentered design have a place in client based work, or only social/ collective statements and explorations?

Uncategorized / assignment 3/ parse: genesis

the words of the song Genesis by the artist Grimes is parsed into images. the images chosen are snippets from ancient Persian manuscripts showing female and male anatomy as well as conception. “Recognizable” images such as eyes and hearts are used for the nouns, and more abstract crops are used for the verbs, prepositions, etc based on their visual nature. These 1.5″ x 1.125″ crops are literally pasted into live text in InDesign. Like the song, these paintings portray existence/ being in a much more romantic way than science. Like the Genesis story from the bible, the song and images both reflect a myth of “creation” and “disobedience”

There is internet debate about what the lyrics of this song say; this inspired a further alteration to the pictures. To do this I applied a filter to my linked image file and let it update within the existing constraints of the Indesign file, abstracting the “image-words”. I think that parsing- as related to Genesis- is an act of creation and disobedience in itself.

(Genesis def: The basic narrative expresses the central theme: God creates the world and appoints man as his regent, but man proves disobedient and God destroys his world through the Flood.)

Reading Responses / reading response: week 4

1. while it may be true, as stated by Deborah Lipstadt, that life stories are often more profound by delivery of unembellished facts, reality tv is in fact very constructed and manipulated so is our “reality” culture really unembellished? Also, Isn’t there already evidence of a desire for more fictional writing to come back into popular culture, ie better developed series and sitcoms?

2. is our “grazing” of the internet and its vast amount of content permanently molding us to “parse” all aspects of our communication and comprehension? If so, what does this mean for our interpersonal connections and memory?

3. is archiving and “data trailing” compelling to anyone but the author, beyond the lens of the focus of “Uncreative Writing” and free of explanation? Does it not depend on a certain delivery to reach people?

Assigments / Assignment 2: Web Dérive

the máp

for this project I captured a smattering of images as I surfed the web, and then assembled them rotating in order of my encounter as a gif, placed in the approximate location of where they were when I first encountered them. This was in reference to the Situationists, and I think the result is interesting in showing what comes up in “ad placements” vs ” selected viewing” placements vs “site branding” placements. This assembly maps location and order of experience, and is a micro-time-capsule of my life at this moment, and what catches my attention primarly via sentiment, humour, consumer targeting, and academic research.the-map



Assignment 1 / assignment 1: repromix


the medium is the message. this assignment got me thinking simply about the practice of copying, duplicating, and “reproducing” and I wanted to play with representing/ mixing old school mechanical means with new school means. I also thought it interesting to create a “cut-up” style of discourse between these graphic methods and multiple meanings of the term reproduce, since there are rights issues across meanings. I wanted to see if agitation or element of provocation would manifest itself.

machine rules:

1. quickly scan-at 800DPI- and crop hands from 1 magazine that represents a different time in reproducing existing content. The magazine is Graphis from 1996.
2. enlarge to 800% to reveal the printing rosette pattern
3. place into 8×8″ square
4. align to left and bottom edge if scan turns out smaller than the box

1. run google news search for “reproduction”
2. screen grab the result, sans images
3. place over images, vertically centered and left aligned to box, in same order of the scan captures.
4. let right side fall out of view

publish results online, uploading in same sequence as assembly.


Assignment 1 / a relevant resource for 2D remixing

flatnessisgod by ryan mcguiness is all about sampling and remixing in 2D. check it out!