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Jamar posted Copyright Reading Questions in Assigments

Does the current system of copyright law work too well?

Should there be a systematized format to reimbursement for damages for those who willingly or unwillingly committed copyright infringement (as in the person who supposedly committed the crime does not meet the criteria for excuse)?

What examples of copyright infringement in design exist? Are there any other than Shepard Fairey? which isn’t really about design because that’s more illustration.


Amanda posted Collection: Dollar Tree in Assigments

I collected items from the Dollar Tree that seemed in contrast to one another but similar at the same time based on ideas of high and low culture. I decided to collect food items and serving pieces that either were common to find in a dollar store like cheesy puffs and red solo cups or completely surprising to discover such as olives and frozen coconut shrimp.

Prin posted A7 Collection of images in Assigments

I’ve saved up images of forms and shapes (of graphic design) that I liked over the years. I put them in a separate container in order to separate their categories…

Minkyoung posted Assignment 7: Standard Paper in Assigments

In US, the letter size is a standard form for printing. People are printing an official document, a draft of text, a sample of design, a report, or just everything, on this 8½ × 11 inch paper. I was wondering about how exact this standardized subject is. For this assignment, I collected 500 sheets of letter-sized papers from studio mates in the room 502, CIT building. By collecting the papers people are using as a default in the office, which were subtly diverse in terms of texture and color, I focused on creating a literally standard ream of paper of the studio.


Jamar posted Collecting Obsolete Media Formats in Assigments

So I went about collecting obsolete media formats mainly because I was interested in the aspect that although relatively new, these objects are very hard to find. In addition, even if you do find it, it is not function without a proper device (for instance, a tape cassette is useless without a tape recorder). I went about this idea in 2 ways: a verisimilitudinous crafting of paper into the media format, and a faux museum gallery.

christina posted default project –> screen in Assigments

this week, in response to the default assignment, I really noticed the defaults that took over my screen: start-up screen, crash screen, and screen savers. I don’t typically notice these, but was forced to when my machine kept crashing. I started capturing the screens with my phone camera, and paying attention to the moires, color and traces of motion. I wanted to force the default item into another composition in order to experience it in a different way to experiment with encapsulating these details while trying to retain a sense of “default”. I sliced and recomposed the shots in sections, within the constraints of the screen dims.

default screen_cw

Teddy posted Assignment 5: Euclidean Trace in Assigments

Euclidean Trace

Teddy posted Assignment 6: Default in Assigments

Default project

Amanda posted Default: Ikea & Watches in Assigments

I started thinking about default objects and my mind quickly went to Ikea. Using Ikea product screenshots, I created animated gifs that rotate between the some of the endless and limited possibilities one is given at the store.

I also made a short video based on watch ads from the NY Times advertising supplement from this past weekend.

Prashast posted Default Expressions in Assigments


brows lowered
lips pressed firmly
eyes bulging





upper lip is raised
nose bridge is wrinkled
cheeks raised





brows raised
eyes open
mouth opens slightly





raising and lowering of mouth corners





lowering of mouth corners
raise inner portion of brows





brows arch
eyes open wide to expose more white
jaw drops slightly





Based on Paul Eckman’s idea of the “6 Universal Facial Expressions.” Using my face as a default that I was born with.