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Assignment 1

christina posted assignment 1: repromix in Assignment 1


the medium is the message. this assignment got me thinking simply about the practice of copying, duplicating, and “reproducing” and I wanted to play with representing/ mixing old school mechanical means with new school means. I also thought it interesting to create a “cut-up” style of discourse between these graphic methods and multiple meanings of the term reproduce, since there are rights issues across meanings. I wanted to see if agitation or element of provocation would manifest itself.

machine rules:

1. quickly scan-at 800DPI- and crop hands from 1 magazine that represents a different time in reproducing existing content. The magazine is Graphis from 1996.
2. enlarge to 800% to reveal the printing rosette pattern
3. place into 8×8″ square
4. align to left and bottom edge if scan turns out smaller than the box

1. run google news search for “reproduction”
2. screen grab the result, sans images
3. place over images, vertically centered and left aligned to box, in same order of the scan captures.
4. let right side fall out of view

publish results online, uploading in same sequence as assembly.


Dana posted THE MACHINE / Dana Elkis – Assigment 1 in Assigments, Assignment 1

“It is the truth that hide the fact that there is no truth” Jan Budriar, simulacra and simulation

In our World, were where we only experience our lives live. the news seems so be a perfect machine that produces for us truths so we can be updated. Subjective Truths that were processed by many hands, minds or sponsors. Over the past 3 weeks we’ve experienced a very intense media coverage over news that were broadcasted to almost every country in the world.Within In all this News Coverages, I felt that i am missing something, I felt as if i was in a trial version for a new software. always getting half acsess to the full story.

And i started to feel this simulation and simulacra’s that Jan Budriar is talking about. and i started to doubt the things that i saw and heard and felt very frustrated not being able to express that.

My machine is a product of these feelings I had. I  wanted to be able to speak with people  about my doubts. I wanted to be able to talk about some missing facts and Errors that i feel that if this was a computer we probably would have to update our software or to get a new computer or to get new part and so ..

And So i decided to take the headlines pictures from selective major news sites and to take errors from our daily operation systems, such as : iPhone, mac, windows and such  – connecting them together and maybe find some truth in there and if not just to be able to express this feeling i had.

As a result of this new images i finally decided to open a website , where people can send Minor virus (pop up window) messeges  to their friends or families in order to “wake” them up, Creat some doubts or just get them to see whats going on out there. The website contains also a platform in where people can discuss the things that they got : messeges they have received, share thier thoughts and maybe make some “noise” about whats going on – brainstom for ideas and try to find some solutions.

Dana Elkis

link to the website :


Mrityunjay posted 25 Steps in Assignment 1

I took a photograph every 25 steps of a walk.

I then wrote down my stream of consciousness. I chose every 25th word and used the word as my caption. I added two words within a 5 word range of the selected word to make the caption make interesting. The new words were meant to give the selected word a little more context.

25 steps

Prashast posted It’s a Hard Knock Life for us in Assigments, Assignment 1

this is where the pdf is at


Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.25.33 PM

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 9.26.13 PM


Photo on 2013-09-18 at 11.05

tina posted in Assignment 1

mass surveillance system as art. spies behind screens, world-wide.
thinking about authorship, and the layman’s ability to make and/or access art.question content and raise issues of privacy and judgment.


Teddy posted Assignment 1: Caption Machine in Assignment 1

For my machine, I wrote a JavaScript application that takes several trending photos from Flickr and assigns a caption to each at random from a list of descriptions used by game masters for use in role-playing games.

Prin posted Pastebin Caption Machine. in Assigments, Assignment 1

Pastebin is a site where users can paste their often unfinished / incomplete codes for others to check. The posts can be made public or private. Often, the public posts can contain political message, personal information, and other miscellaneous information regarding the state of the world. These posts are often not titled and remain as “Untitled” as they flow through the “Public pastes” listing. Most of the titled post often has nothing to do with the content, they exists as a space to share political opinions, or often a short statement in relation to current events.

As users cannot post an image to accompany a post, this machine’s purpose is to unscramble the post and find the image appropriate to the title. Often, the public codes often need to be adjusted or corrected, to work the bugs out of, I’ve picked the “wordunscrambler” as the engine to unravel the true title of the post while going throught another public engine of google/images and apply the “appropriate” image to the title.


1. Enter Pastebin.com > Public pastes.

2. Search for title with all text, no numerals and no “Untitled.

3. Take the title and paste it to http://www.wordunscrambler.com/ with 20 letters set as max length.

4. Take the top most result and paste it to google/images.

5. Take the first result from google/images.

Tag the photo with the word result from wordunscrambler.


Landing page

Sample generated


Amanda posted Recipe Remix: Surprise Me in Assignment 1, Uncategorized

When trying out new recipes, I rarely opt for one without a perfect picture. Given that recipes inherently rely on a set list of instructions, I decided to see what would happen when those directions were placed within the code of a recipe’s image when opened in TextEdit. Would the end result ever be recognizable? Would the resulting images would be just as enticing to a home cook as their originals?

(Images sourced from marthastewart.com/cook by clicking on the “or Surprise Me” recipe button.)


Jamar posted My machine: stupidly stupendous in Assignment 1

For my machine, I wanted to explore the juxtaposition of surreal, (and I mean that truthfully) social network-based media with facebook statuses. It is safe to say that most facebook users take a second look or review their written posts. Due to the fluidity of the process of sending out a quick snippet of text to the whole network, and an increased necessity to verbalize daily actions or observations, the reflexive review of one’s status is negligible. This machine that takes the form of a phone app, connects with a user’s facebook profile and creates juxtapositions of status and image in a quick process.

The process requires the use of a website called Reddit. More specifically, it uses the subreddit, a more precise genre agglutinative site, Cringepics. Cringepics is a collection of the cringiest photos found on the interwebs, some so horrid, it breaks the barrier of fantasy and reality. The algorithm takes keywords of a user’s facebook status and searches those keywords in Cringepics. It then finds the first useable photo and juxtaposes that image with the status.

Interestingly enough, some amazing results were generated. Not only was this app made to provide entertainment for the user, but it would also, hopefully, force the user to understand that his words and diction could easily fall into the realm of Internet cringe—in a way, an evil subconscious trickery. I’ll show a diagram in class that effectively shows the algorithm’s process.


christina posted a relevant resource for 2D remixing in Assignment 1

flatnessisgod by ryan mcguiness is all about sampling and remixing in 2D. check it out!