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Minkyoung posted Assignment 6: Please email me at ___, & Dear____, in Assigments

A series of the default document for daily communication.

1. Please email me at_______,: When I had multiple jobs with multiple email addresses for various reasons before coming to the school, I made a name card for containing all name of jobs. I remade it in English.

2. Dear_____,: When I write an email, there are certain patterns to write certain types of emails. I made a default email template for each categories: school and work, friends, family, and housing.



Prin posted Week 7 Assignment: Default in Assigments

I experimented with AIGA symbol signs which can be found http://www.aiga.org/symbol-signs/ and create another rendition of a popular and universally recognized image by tiling up the pictograms. 

Jamar posted Let’s Use the French Impressionist Effect in Assigments

I experimented with the Crystalize default tool in Photoshop to construct French Impressionist-esque compositions in a matter of seconds—both as homage and defacement.

Also, as a side, played with Maya’s default Fire Particle generator to create very un-fiery effects.

Prin posted Questions Week 6 in Assigments

  1. The word “artist” seems to be more acceptable when one is more concerned about process rather than output. What happens if you replace the “artist” with a “designer”?
  2. If chance is committed in such a rigorous and controlled / pre-determined scope, doesn’t that mean that the environment for that chance to happen is already controlled?
  3. How much chance in Art does the general public value?

Amanda posted Chance City Memories in Assigments

I created collaged postcards—1 set with images and 1 set with type. I quickly made lists of things I miss from the cities in which I’ve previously lived (Atlanta, New York, Shanghai) and then created a set of rules that determined how the cards were made. Dice rolling and extremely short time limits were utilized to eliminate as much thinking as possible.

Prin posted Week 6 Assignment: Chance in Assigments

I took the following paintings from the cubism movement:

Ge0rges Braque, Violin and Candlestick, 1910, 

Pablo Picasso, Les Desmoiselles d’Avignon, 1907 

Pablo Picasso, Figure dans un Fauteuil (Seated Nude, Femme nue assise),  1909-10,

Paul Cézanne, Quarry Bibémus, 1898-1900

> Crop them into a 4×4 square.

> Cut each pieces

> Shuffle the pieces.

> Recompose them into 16 new 4×4 compositions.


Jamar posted Assignment 5—Chance in Assigments

For this assignment, I made a variety of works in which a number generator dictated every action. Prior to making each composition, I wrote out a set of instructions which each parameter was assigned a range. From there, I went through the process and utilized the number generator to dictate each parameter quantity.

Prin posted Assignment 4: Erasing Propaganda in Assigments

I decided to remove all slogans from WWI and WWII posters to see if are still capable of sending messages.

Teddy posted Assignment 4: Super Mushroom Kingdom in Assigments

This project explores what Super Mario Bros. would be like without its iconic heroes. To accomplish this, I hacked a copy of the game to remove all graphical and textual data related to Mario and Luigi. The result is an extremely disorienting gaming experience in which a player must become hyperaware of his invisible character in order to establish rhythmic movements necessary for navigating through each level.

Project page: Super Mushroom Kingdom

Rio posted Assignment 4: Erasing Cloud Gate in Assigments

Cloud Gate HD

Finally! So Clean!